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Dear Support,
I’ve reach the ‘no task available’ on ner.manual receipe, and I show you the log of the last operation:
Batch_size=10 and mysql.
I have a JSONL file with more than 1000 rows.

15:01:54 - RESPONSE: /get_questions (10 examples)
15:02:00 - POST: /give_answers (received 1)

15:02:00 - CONTROLLER: Receiving 1 answers
15:02:00 - DB: Getting dataset 'T_2_test'
15:02:00 - DB: Getting dataset '2018-10-16_15-01-42'
15:02:00 - DB: Added 1 examples to 2 datasets
15:02:00 - CONTROLLER: Added 1 answers to dataset 'T_2_test' in database MySQL
15:02:00 - RESPONSE: /give_answers
{'progress': None}

15:02:30 - GET: /get_questions
15:02:30 - CONTROLLER: Returning a batch of tasks from the queue
15:02:30 - RESPONSE: /get_questions (10 examples)

15:04:01 - POST: /give_answers (received 19)

15:04:01 - CONTROLLER: Receiving 19 answers
15:04:01 - DB: Getting dataset 'T_2_test'
15:04:01 - DB: Getting dataset '2018-10-16_15-01-42'
15:04:01 - DB: Added 19 examples to 2 datasets
15:04:01 - CONTROLLER: Added 19 answers to dataset 'T_2_test' in database MySQL
15:04:01 - RESPONSE: /give_answers
{'progress': None}

After this point I get the message. Do you have any suggestions how to avoid it?

Thanks in advance


Hi @ines I’m using and testing the new version 1.6.1 for linux and the things is getting better, also with the batch_size=10. I’ve applied the bundle.js fix and it is quite different from the last version’s one. So I have just a question:

Q1: How to see the log of the web server, if available? I would like to see more information than the verbose mode of logging module.
Q2: How I can store the log on a file for keep it in the production env?
Q3: I have some prodigy process running in background on server, run prodigy with “&” at the end of the command. Somehow when I back to the shell the processes are killed: do you suggest to use screen on shell as well?

Thanks for any suggestions.

All my best


Oh, if you’re using the new version, that fix is already included! If you’re changing the bundle, you’ll be resetting the app to the previous state, so you shouldn’t be doing that!

The verbose logging should output the most important info – what else are you interested in? If you need even more info, you can use a separate library or tool that logs all the traffic, or just some general server-side logging? Or, if you want full control, the is shipped with Prodigy, so you can edit it to insert your own logic.

Yes, either that, ortmux, which has some extra features. It usually makes sense to detach the process to keep it running in the background and prevent it from being terminated when you navigate away.

Thanks @ines and sorry for the misunderstanding of Q1. Now we are running prodigy on ‘screen’ and it works great.
All my best


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