No tasks available after few accept or reject in ner.teach


I am using prodigy 1.7, When I do ner.teach on my data with below command

prodigy ner.teach FR_test_3 fr_core_news_sm Fr_data.txt --patterns output.jsonl

FR_data.txt has email body per line (total 1000 emails)
output.jsonl has patterns like below

{“pattern”: [{“lower”: “suite”}, {“lower”: “\u00e0”}], “label”: “follow_up”}
{“pattern”: [{“lower”: “documents”}, {“lower”: “demand\u00e9s”}], “label”: “attach_other”}

After starting a web server with the above command ( prodigy ner.teach FR_test_3 fr_core_news_sm Fr_data.txt --patterns output.jsonl) I am seeing below problems

  1. After a few iterations, I can see No tasks available on UI? Why this is happing, am I doing anything wrong
  2. each Iteration I can see only on Entity, Though mail body has more entities, Is this is the expected behaviour?


When using ner.teach, keep in mind that you're not just annotating every example. Prodigy will actively look for the most relevant examples to annotate, meaning it will skip some examples in favour of others. See this thread for more details:

Yes, in ner.teach, you're collecting binary feedback on specific annotation suggestions. So you're accepting or rejecting the currently highlighted entity span.