No Task Available while annotating data from ner.teach recipe


I am trying to annotate with the help of ner.teach recipe but after around 100 annotations, “No Task Available” window comes up, even if there’s a plenty of data still left for annotation.

I am using this command:

prodigy ner.teach dataset_new_1 en_core_web_lg train/reviews_new_1.txt --label BEVERAGE --patterns beverage_patterns_1.jsonl

I am using prodigy == 1.5.1


Hi! There can be several reasons for this – you might find my comment on this thread helpful. It's about textcat.teach, but the stream behaviour is similar in ner.teach, wihch is also an active learning-powered recipe:

Thanks, the batch files didn’t have enough Names Entities, So “NO TASK AVAILABLE” was coming frequently.

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