NGO licence options

Hello there, I am interested in using prodigy for an intern that is working for us. We are Sensing Clues a Dutch NGO that has the goal to help nature reserves to battle poaching and other wildlife crime.

We build AI solutions to help rangers on their information and intelligence position in the field. The solution we are working on now is about relation extraction, we have found several datasets to help identify relations but we need more specific annotated data for our domain, that is terrorist attacks and external threats of groups of people. We have specific documents that hold these data so prodigy would be a very good fit for this challenge. Now as we are an NGO we have very limited or no funds for this type of license tools. As you can see on our website we do have an increasing number of technology providers that help us by donating their solution to our cause. I would love to hear from you if would be willing to talk about this ? All the best Hugo Koopmans

Hi Hugo,

I appreciate NGOs often don't have much budget for software purchases, and are often engaged with important social missions. However, proceeds from our annotation tool Prodigy help us to fund our open-source work, which we provide for free to the community. Our open-source work is the limit of what we're able to donate, and so we are not able to provide free or discounted Prodigy licenses to non-profits or NGOs.