NER plus Relationship Extraction (RE) on document

I have scrapped few news articles that talk about not very famous personalities.
The task is to extract structured information out of these articles. The structured information is as follows:

  • Get NER tags for PER, ORG and GPE
  • Find Relationship among PER, ORG and GPE

The first task is quite easy. I have achieved that thanks to spaCy :slight_smile: .
The second part of the problem is a bit tricky. I can do RE for a sentence which is not very complex using dependency parsing but for complex sentences and in an article that contains so many sentences doing same (RE) is not that easy :frowning: .

Could you guys share me your industrial experience and guide me a little bit.
Thank you so much for your time.

Hi, we try to keep this forum very focused on Prodigy. If your question ties with in spaCy, a more suitable place to post would be the spaCy discussion board: Discussions ยท explosion/spaCy ยท GitHub

Thank you @adriane for you reply.
I post my question on the forum suggested by you.