NER labels are being merged

Using prodigy 1.11.6 on Windows 10.

I'm trying to launch a simple ner.manual recipe with 5 labels using a comma separated list, but they're being concatenated together to create a single label.

prodigy ner.manual new_task en_core_web_sm data_source.csv --label LABEL1,LABEL2,LABEL3,LABEL4,LABEL5

This is the output:

Using 1 label(s): LABEL1 LABEL2 LABEL3 LABEL4 LABEL5

I can get around this by putting my labels in a .txt file instead, but not the ideal behaviour.

Hi! That's very strange, I've never seen this before :thinking: Which terminal are you using on Windows? It seems like it somehow interprets the , as a space, which is very confusing.

Does it help to wrap the string in quotes, e.g. --label "LABEL1,LABEL2,LABEL3" etc.?


Just using powershell via Windows Terminal. Wrapping in quotes worked, though! :person_shrugging:

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