Adding custom labels in manual ner

Hi, I am new user of prodigy, really amazed with this tool, my query is that How can I add a new label in while doing manual ner, along with those 18 labels.

For example if there is a word ‘Prime Minister’ used in a sentence than I have to label it as a position, Can anyone help me do it.

Thanks and sure! You can use the --label keyword argument to add your custom label set. The value can be a comma-separated list or a path to a file with one label per line. For example:

prodigy ner.manual your_dataset en_core_web_sm your_data.jsonl --label POSITION,PERSON

If no labels are set, Prodigy will check the model for available labels – that’s likely where your default label set of 18 labels comes from.

Thanks Alot!

can you give us the proper steps for doing it.