Dynamic label

if we use ner.manual recipe we set up the labels in advance. is it possible to set up the labels while annotating? so the label will be added based on the context taking into account having just one label for each context.

hi @fsa,

Thanks for your question!

Can you describe your use case a bit more?

Initially, I suspected the new custom event hooks could help, but a teammate reminded me that it likely wouldn't work with spans. You could modify the task structure but still need the provide spans and offset which are needed for span annotation; it may be possible with text classification that doesn't require them.

The challenge is Prodigy wasn't designed for dynamic label sets (within the same session), i.e., "one-label-set-per-session":

However, we are actively looking at this problem as it has come up before. Any context from your use case will help to make suggestions or consider possible modifications. Thank you!