ML-FLOW Integration with prodigy

Hello there,
I'm working on a project that requires me to log my NER models.
I'd like to utilise ml-flow for this, but is there a method to connect it with Prodigy?
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hi @Harsh_chavhan!

Thanks for your question.

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We don't have a specific Prodigy-MLFlow template/connection. However, while I haven't used ML Flow yet, I did notice MLFlow has functions that work with loading spaCy models and a page in spaCy universe. I also found support for it in spacy-loggers.

Could you use either of these tools (MLFlow's spaCy functions or spacy-loggers) for model training (since prodigy train is really using spacy train)? If not, what is the functionality that these two tools don't have that you're looking for?

We'll still make a note of this and prioritize this accordingly with other bug/enhancements for a future update.