Minor display setting on arabic annotations

Hello. I’m having a little a minor display pattern when doing Arabic annotations in Manual.

the highlights in NER are doing a little weird behavior, no something just big important, just for your notice.
thanks, kind regards

Thanks a lot for the report :+1: We definitely want to make sure RTL languages are supported correctly, so that type of feedback is super valuable.

Just to confirm: The correct way to display the highlighted entities would be to have the label on the left and obviously no divider/space between the label and the entity, right?

Yes, that’s will be more friendly for RTL annotations I beliebe, to have the label on the left and obviously whitout the space/divider. Thanks you , for your quick reply.

Hi, just want to let you know that when I updated to 1.6.1 version and changed the writing direction to “rtl” displayed properly.

Thank you.

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Ah nice, that’s good to know :+1: