maximum video size for annotation

Hi team! I need to annotate the video, but I faced the problem that the maximum size of the video file that I upload is about 15 mb, is it possible to increase the size of the uploaded video file? When I try to upload a larger file it doesn't play.

Hello @mel0d1an,
Thank you for your question and welcome to the prodigy support forum.
Just to make sure that I understood your question correctly: You have the problem that videos larger than 15mb are not displayed?

If yes, this might depend on your own computer specifications (e.g., you don't have enough RAM or memory) as there is no maximum video size defined within prodigy. Maybe you could split the video up into several parts and deal with every party separately? My colleague @ryanwesslen wrote in another thread about using pydub within a custom loader for splitting up the video. Maybe that is interesting for you?

If I did not understood your question correctly, it would be great if you could rephrase your question and provide also the prodigy command you ran (also maybe with the recipe if you use your own recipe).

Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile: