Little black cross vs big red cross

When executing a "ner.correct", in case there are several named entities, in my current understanding if an annotation is wrong I have to click the "little black cross" aside the annotation; but, what I am supposed to do wrt the final "action" on the document - click "accept" or "reject"? And, if I am supposed to click "accept", what's the intended usage of "reject" in this use case?

Thank you,

Hi! The small × attached to the specific annotations lets you remove the individual spans. The buttons at the bottom are annotation decisions applied to the whole example, and they're represented as the "answer" key in the collected annotation.

For manual annotation, the accept action is the most important one and reject is less relevant than for binary annotation. However, you could use it to distinguish examples with bad markup or other negative examples you want to exclude from those you want to skip explicitly.