Label box appearing on top of annotation instructions in ner.manual, obsficating instructions

It seams that the labels box takes priority over the instructions popup from pressing help or h. This is a problem as you can't read the full instructions document is some cases. See attached image:

How can I change this behavior so that instructions appears on top of everything when opened? This is an issue with ner.manual and likely the image annotation recipes that also have the label box.

Thanks for the report – already fixed this for the next release! In the meantime, you should be able to add an override rule to the global_css that fixes this. Just find the class name of the header container in your browser's developer tools (it should have z-index: 100 set) and then add a rule like this:

"global_css": ".[classname here] { z-index: 25 }"

This should give it a lower z-index than the modal.

Thank you, adjusting the zIndex did the trick

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