Custom NER tags panel

HI - I am creating an annotation task for NER with 10+ tags. I was wondering if there is some way of customizing the purple NER panel so I can re-order the tags and make them intuitive? Would it need a custom HTML panel or can I somewhere include new lines so I can group the tags? Thanks!

Hi @mwadhwa, welcome to Prodigy!

If you want to re-order the tags, you can pass the desired order in the --label parameter of the ner.manual command. This should respect the order you've given it. If you have 10+ labels, you can provide a path to a file with one label per line instead of typing it one-by-one.

To add to @ljvmiranda921's comment, if you want further control over how the labels are displayed, you could use the global_css to modify them on the screen. I posted a little example of an approach here:

thanks for this! Yes, I already tried the reordering of labels but given that there are so many I was hoping to group them in some way to make it more intuitive for annotation. Thanks!