Issue with saving annotated data to MySQL

I have been trying to use mysql to save all the annotations at the back. At the moment we are running basic SQL commands which store the annotations in a database. While troubleshooting the bug, I found out that the issue might be with the way the json data is being loaded from prodigy.

But I'm unsure how I could fix the problem. Here is the screenshot of what the error really is.

Hi @max_alpha!

Seems that there's a closing quotation missing in the file you're loading. Perhaps, there is an example that's too long that MySQL cannot handle it (greater than your character limit).

You can start by validating your samples to investigate your database and see if something looks suspicious (e.g. JSON data that doesn't end with }) and was truncated.

If that's the case you can then do the following:

  • try increasing the character limit of your columns
  • add a check in a custom recipe that warns you if an example is too long

Also see here: ValueError: Unmatched ''"' when when decoding 'string'