Is there any way to integrate prodigy on my current react project ?

We're working on a project in which we display annotated data to users. These users can update the data based on their needs. I want to integrate Prodigy into this process, particularly when users wish to edit the annotated data. Is there a way to use a direct static bundle from Prodigy? Alternatively, could I post a sentence to Prodigy and have Prodigy provide me with a URL and session ID that I could embed in my external React app?

hi @dhavalv83,

Thanks for your questions.

Prodigy is primarily designed for annotating coherent datasets, e.g., annotating batches together, data quality, etc. If you really want to, you can start the Prodigy server programmatically from your web app. For example, let's say you have an endpoint that receives the text, save it out to a temp file, start Prodigy in a subprocess on a given host/port and return the annotation URL. You can then show the URL in the app and add an arbitrary session ID, e.g. the user name/ID.

Hope this helps!