Is there a way to embed the prodigy annotation page to another webpage?

My use case is as follows: I need the user to make certain selections on a webpage so that the desired dataset is fetched for annotation.

The interface I am envisioning is similar to this. My plan is to use plotly's dash for this, which I have some experience with, but it is not obvious in the documentation that that is possible. Thanks!

Hi! Your use case sounds pretty similar to the one described in this thread:

You could set up a small REST API (e.g. using FastAPI) and post a request to it when the user submits their selected options in the very left sidebar. On the server, you can then call prodigy.serve to start a Prodigy session with the given arguments (data source etc.). If the request succeeds and the server has started, your dashboard can then load the Prodigy web app in the iframe.

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