Is there a way to customize the field used for "history"

A number of the projects I am working on involve long garbled text which often starts with the same characters. These tasks all have other fields that would be much more informative in the “history” section of the UI, for example a unique document id stored a “task_key” field.

Is there a way to configure what field gets displayed to the annotator in the history?

Thanks, that’s a good point!

At the moment, the history checks for the following task properties, in that order: text, input.text, (with added task.label if available). As a fallback, ... is used. So if you’re using a custom HTML template, you could work around this by storing the displayed text in a field like orig_text and making the text the nice readable history text.

Maybe we could introduce something like _summary that’s optional and lets you pass in a task summary. If it’s present in the data, it’s used in the history (and maybe other places where we need a nice human-readable reference to a task).

Thank you for the reply.

I am doing precisely what you suggest, placing full texts in a new field and repurposing text as a human readable summary, everywhere I have created a custom html. I would certainly appreciate having a _summary field so that I do not have to create a custom html for every interface just to get the history to show. Let me know if/when you are able to implement it.