is there a slider interface?

I'm starting a sentiment annotation workflow -- often it is useful to have a slider for things like sentiment, I was looking through the annotation interfaces list here:, I can't find a slider. Can you confirm if there is no slider, or point me to it if it exists?

Thank you.

Hi! There's not currently a slider interface, no. If you want to use values on a scale, you could set them up as choice options. This also gives you keyboard shortcuts out-of-the-box, so you can just press 1 for 1, and so on.

Alternatively, you can also easily add your own slider with the html interface and a JavaScript function that adds the selected value to the current task. Here's an example:

<input type="range" id="slider" min="1" max="5" onChange="handleChange(this)" />
function handleChange(slider) {
    window.prodigy.update({ value: slider.value })  // will add key "value"
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I see, thank you!

Thank you for the tip here. Is there any example somewhere, or can you give more details? I don't know how to add this to the textcat.manual recipe, or how to add the html to options.