Is it possible to resize image with image.manual ?


I'm trying to annotate multiple image with image.manual.
Images size is 1280x640.

But, the image appear very small in Prodify interface:

It looks like the annotation canva is approximately 700 x 400 px.
Is there a way to force the image to have its ""normal size"" ?

(I'm thinking of something like that :

I obtained it by editing the different html with developpers tools of firefox)

Hi! The image will be visually resized to fit into the annotation card. You can adjust the maximum width of the annotation card via the cardMaxWidth theme setting (e.g. in "custom_theme" in your prodigy.json or recipe config). See here for details:

By default, the maximum width is 675 (pixels). You can also set its value to something like "95%", which will be interpreted relative to the parent container (the right column).

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Thanks a lot ! It works perfectly ! :smile: