Installation in Windows Platform with no Admin right

Hi, May I know if we can install prodigy in windows system without administrator right?


Hi! The Prodigy installer is like any other Python package you install. So if you're able to install other packages via pip, you should be able to install Prodigy.

When you run pip install with the path to the Prodigy wheel, you might have to add --user to install it into a user directory and not into the system Python. But all of this really comes down to making pip install stuff and not Prodigy specifically :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply!
One more question, is prodigy a pure Python package? Does it have dependencies on c++ component or other Linux or Windows component?

Prodigy has Cython components, but they are pre-compiled and included in the wheel. The packages it depends on also provide pre-compiled wheels (e.g. spaCy).