Image manual - request for feature to correct bad annotations.


We are currently using models to preannotate images and upload the preannotated jsonl out to prodigy and give it to the annotators to correct/verify the model annotations on the images.

So a common situation is the following

The above is the model annotated image. This has to be changed to whats shown below by the annotator

But prodigy does not allow to individually move the vertices, you can only increase or decrease the size of the bounding box, but cant move individual vertices.

Is it possible to add that feature.
Thank you very much.


PS: Our company is very happy with prodigy so far. Please let us know if we can help out by writing a testimonial. :slight_smile:

Thanks, glad you're liking Prodigy! :blush:

And this is a good point – while the image UI allows editing existing shapes, the shape "type" won't change, so if your shape comes in as a rect, it will stay a rect and only be editable as a rect.

One idea I haven't tried yet but might work (at least for this use case you describe here): each annotated shape in the "spans" allows a "type" field that can be either "rect" or "polygon". So you could load in your existing annotations with "type": "polygon", which should let you drag each corner point.

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Yeah. Tried that. Its still not allowing me to change the shape.

I just tried it (loaded in rects with "type": "polygon") and it seems to work for me? You just need to hit the corner points.