how to use --init-token2vec in prodigy train

Hi, I am trying to train en_core_web_trf model on some annotations I generated. I saw you use --init-token2vec in the video tutorial however I didn't see it is supported in the documentation.

Is this still supported? If it is, where can I find the word vector for the en_core_web_trf model?

Hi! In Prodigy v1.11 and spaCy v3, we were able to standardise a lot of this stuff because it can now be specified explicitly in the config, so we don't need all of these Prodigy-specific arguments on the train command anymore. You can now specify the path to it as the init_tok2vec setting in the [initialize] block of your config: You can then provide your training config via the --config argument. This lets you specify all settings in one file.

Just for clarification, the en_core_web_trf model doesn't include word vectors. It's initialised with transformer weights. If you want to initialize your model with word vectors, you can use the en_core_web_lg model.