command line error while pretraining ner_food_ingredients - "no such option: --init-tok2vec"

I tried to follow the workflow adopted in prodigy's NER tutorial -- "ner_food_ingredients".
However, I'm unable to run the command in Step 4 (projects/tutorials/ner_food_ingredients at v3 · explosion/projects · GitHub) -- i.e. the command to pretrain a model and use the pretrained tok2vec weights to create tmp_model.

I get the following error on my command line -- "no such option: --init-tok2vec" (I use Windows - Anaconda Prompt)

Has the terminal's command been updated since the release of the tutorial video for the ner_food_ingredients project on YouTube?

Hi @nanyasrivastav , welcome to Prodigy!

Yes, the terminal command has been updated since the tutorial. Some of the optional parameters should now be specified in a config when training your spaCy model:

But you can also override these options in the command-line by passing:

... ---paths.init_tok2vec /some/path/to/tok2vec.bin 

Thank you for the reply! I will try them out.