How are you managing multiple projects?

a common issue here is to remember on which port is running each project,
so, I ask to you what are your tips to manage multiple projects, and do it easy to annotators, that usually aren't developers

I plan to create an interface on streamlit where the user can select and create what project to open on a new tab,

hi @info2000!

Excellent question!

Have you seen these two example (Ines' streamlit Prodigy explorer and @andy multiuser Prodigy code)?

I don't know if there's any plan to make updates -- neither of these have been updated in about 1-2 years. However, you are more than welcome to use these to extend for your purposes. If so, we would be grateful if you'd be kind enough to open source your solution so other Prodigy users could benefit.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!

Yes, I saw it, the issue with both is that they are "stats" and I want to launch the prodigy interface/instance on a new window.

The @ines project is the base from we start to work, due it has the db connection to list the datasets

Gotcha. I understand and I thought that may be the issue.

So creating your own streamlit solution may be your best option in the short term. If you have further questions or ideas, feel free to use this post and we can try to help.

I keep it simple. I have a document with 20+ command lines of the form:

PRODIGY_CONFIG=custom_config.jsonl PRODIGY_PORT=8251 PRODIGY_BASIC_AUTH_USER=user PRODIGY_BASIC_AUTH_PASS=password prodigy --all_the_options

This is used so that when I have to add more documents for annotation/change to a model in the loop/update whatever I can easily do that. It also helps me keep track of the ports. The Prodigy instances are started up in a Tmux session.... Yeah, barbarian method, but oh well, it's been working well for almost 6 months now.

And the annotators have their own document where they keep track of what's the link for each project and who is working on them.