file:// urls don't display as links

I am using Prodigy to label pages in PDF files in a directory on my computer with a view to building a page classifier based on the text on each page

The text on pages is presented to prodigy textcat.teach like this:
{"text": "x", "meta": { "url": "file:///Users/peter/testdata/121207-Robert_Mort-with-cover.pdf#page=12"}}

I would like to click on file:///Users/peter/testdata/121207-Robert_Mort-with-cover.pdf#page=12 to

  • look for the location of text on page,
  • check that my text extractor is working, and
  • look for non-text objects on the page.
    But there is no link

I am running a local web server as a workaround so this is not urgent.

Thanks for the report – you’re right, the logic Prodigy uses to auto-link URLs in the meta currently doesn’t check for file:///. I didn’t really consider this use case before, but shouldn’t be a problem to implement! :+1: