Can you put a clickable URL as metadata when doing textcat?


Can one add clickable links in the metadata for text classification when using textcat.teach?

More concretely, in

imagine I'd like to add a clickable link to the New York Times page the snippet is coming from.

If the "meta" value is a URL, Prodigy will link it automatically and make it clickable. For example:

{"text": "Hello world", "meta": {"url": ""}}

... will show "URL:" in the meta. It'll always show the original text value of the link (minus the http, www etc.).


Thanks @ines ! Would this work somehow with the CSV loader too?

If you have a meta column that only contains the link, it should work, yes. Then the only meta displayed in the corner is the link. (The CSV loader doesn't have a mechanism for nested properties, because that's just much easier in JSON.)