Feature Request: Tagging instead of Flagging, Annotator Feedback Comments

Flagging is extremely useful. I use it so that annotators can identify problematic input. But it would be nice to have the option of a more extensive flag/tag set to specify what the problem is. This would be especially useful if I have hundreds of flagged entries and want to find all the ones flagged due to “unicode errors” or “bad sentence boundaries”

This could be done while keeping the UI clean. Clicking on the flag icon could pop-up a selection of tags which could be turned on-off for the item. It would be nice to be able to have the additional option of adding your own flag or comment so that an annotator could leave a more informative text string when needed.

I believe that something like the UI in this Support Form for optional tags on posts would work quite nicely.

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Thanks for the detailed feature request, much appreciated! :+1:

I’ve actually wanted something like this for a while. I hadn’t thought of the tag-like system yet, though, which might be a really nice solution for many problems you otherwise have with free-form input. and putting it back into a standardised format you can analyse.

It’d also be nice to have a quick and efficient keyboard shortcut system for this, so that the reporting process disrupts the annotation flow as little as possible!

How about SHIFT-1, SHIFT-2 … SHIFT-9 for flags 1, 2…9? It would be similar to the choice recipe. Holding down just the SHIFT (or some other modifier key), would pop up the tag lists, so you could have visual feedback as you type numbers. Selecting more than one would feel natural too. There would be no shortcuts for tags greater than 9, since that’s sort of abusing the shortcuts. But you could still select other tags with the mouse.

Also, if you have, say, just 3 tags, then SHIFT-4 could prompt you for a tag name, and add it to the list.