Facing Error while creating the package for model

Hi, I am facing a problem while creating package for the text classification model using Spacy library.

The error shown is : [WinError 206] The filename or extension is too long:
it also mentions Shutil.Error in the beginning.

How to resolve this issue?

What’s the command you ran and what paths did you use?

It looks like you might have accidentally created the Python package within the same directory as the model you trained. When you package the model, spaCy will copy the input data (trained model) into the package directory recursively, and then add all the package-specific files. But because you’re copying it into itself, you’re basically creating an infinite loop with insanely long paths, until shutil gives up.

Try removing all the nested directories created by the package command and start again, using a different directory as the output :slightly_smiling_face:

This is the command which i have used.
python -m spacy package C:\Users\amanpresingh\Desktop\new_prody C:\Users\amanpresingh\Desktop\final --create-meta

So , basically i must change the output directory to a completely new folder?

hey, Thank you for the response. It is working fine now. :slight_smile:

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