Issue with exported spacy models



Following the ‘First steps’, I created the model, and created the spacy package from it, then install the model and linked to custom name.
However, when trying to load with spacy.load(), or use it as a basis for ner.make-gold, I receive following error message (it depends on the language model used for training):
OSError: [E050] Can’t find model ‘en_core_web_lg.vectors’. It doesn’t seem to be a shortcut link, a Python package or a valid path to a data directory.
However, after loading the language model (in this case, the ‘en_core_web_lg’) before using my custom model, everything goes fine.
I am wondering if there is a way to create the spacy package model to use it without need to load the language model first.

(Ines Montani) #2

Hi! Could you share the meta.json of your custom model package? And which version of spaCy are you on? (You can find out by running the python -m spacy info command.)