Evaluation data for ner model


I have a question regarding the train command.
I´ve successfully trained a ner model and received afterwards a valid prec acc and f1 score. Now I´m struggling to understand whether these scores are on the trainingdata or on the evaluation data since with the train command the dataset was split.

If the score is on the trainingdata, how can i evaluate the model? Is it possible with Prodigy?

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hi @kaiser!

Thanks for your question.

The Precision/Accuracy/F1 are on the evaluation data.

Here's a good post that describes more:

That includes this post on understanding the output:

It's important to mention that prodigy train is just a wrapper for spacy train. In fact, it's just a quick-and-dirty way to train using spaCy with smart defaults; however, it obscures a lot of important concepts like created spaCy binary files (i.e., dedicated training / evaluation dataset) along with using spaCy config files.

This post describes a bit more (and why you get best-model and last-model folders):

In general, I recommend moving towards using data-to-spacy then spacy train rather than prodigy train once you start developing a more serious pipeline.

This post shows either results in the same model if setup correctly:

You can create dedicated test/eval datasets using prodigy train but your eval will need to be its own dataset and you'll need to call prodigy train like this:

prodigy train --ner train_data,eval:eval_data ...

See this post for more context:

Hope this at least gets you started! Sorry if I included things you knew or you didn't directly ask for, but trying my best to give you a few extra resources that'll answer future questions before you ask :slight_smile:

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This is a great response, it helps a lot.

i´ve searched for similar posts but didnt found anything.. well i obv could have done better

Thank you!