error installing prodigy

Hello I received my licence key for prodigy three days ago
I set up a new environemt and follwed the setup steps. Still I get the two errors below:

Could not find a version that satifies the requirement prodigy (from versions: none)
No matching distribution found for prodigy

NB: My key is correct.

Hi! Could you send us an email to with the full command you ran, including the license key? Then we can double-check if there's a problem with the key.

In the meantime, you can always download the wheel files via your personal download link and install Prodigy from the wheel. See here for details:

Email sent.

I get the exact same error messages even when installing from wheels.

Ah, that's interesting. In that case, maybe you're trying to install it on a platform/Python version that we don't provide wheels for? Which operating system / platform and Python version are you using?

I am using Anaconda virtual environment with python version 3.10.0

Ah, prodigy doesn't have python 3.10 wheels yet. Please use python 3.9 instead for right now.

Oh great,

I installed python 3.9 and it works like a charm. I made the installation from wheels.

Thanks a lot

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