en_core_web_sm model

I realize that this is not a Prodigy problem, but without a pipeline everything stopped working.

After installing the latest spaCy and en_core_web_sm, spacy.load ('en_core_web_sm') fails as shown in this snippet:

(If there's already a post/response about this, just point me to it.)

This is on Windows 10. I've edited the PATH to be sure that there is nothing left over from prior Python installs.
If any more content from the error would help, I'll gladly supply. And if you can direct me, I can manually delete whatever is needed in order to do fresh install(s).

Most since thanks for a rescue!

Hi! We're trying to keep this forum very focused on Prodigy, so this isn't the best place to ask general spaCy usage questions. You can post those on the spaCy discussion board instead: Discussions · explosion/spaCy · GitHub

To solve your problem: check out the stack trace of the error and where it comes from. It looks like you're using some package or code that's not compatible with spaCy v3.0. Also note that Prodigy v1.10.x requires spaCy v2.x, so installing spaCy v3 on top wouldn't work. (See this thread for details on Prodigy + spaCy v3 support.)