Documentation/Tutorials on deploying to major cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure)

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We've just managed to deploy Prodigy to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Cloud Run to host Prodigy and Cloud SQL as the database.

It was very painful to set-up Prodigy in a Docker container and deploy to the Cloud. For an open-source project, this would be OK, but for a proprietary product like this, you'd expect the vendor would either (1) host the solution as a SaaS or (2) at the very least providing tutorials/documentation on how to host it.

Could you provide these guides/documentation or support with cloud deployment?

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Hi @jon-qualifai,

Sorry to hear you've been struggling with the deployment. Thanks for sharing!

It's certainly a fair point that cloud deployment is missing from our docs. We actually have recognized it ourselves and the work is already in progress, so the docs should be available soon.

Just to comment on your expectation with respect to Prodigy as a SaaS: it's a deliberate choice to keep all users' data on their servers in the interest of data privacy. We are working on a SaaS solution that fulfills this requirement and is much easier to scale. It will be powered by Prodigy but it will be a whole new product - Prodigy Teams. For Prodigy the idea is that it will always be hosted and owned by the end user. Hope that extra context helps to understand our decision.

Hi all.

I just added a new guide on deploying Prodigy on the future branch of our docs.

The guide refers to the new task routers, which is why I didn't put them on the main site just yet. While this guide doesn't go over every service from every cloud provider, it does highlight all the things you should keep in mind while deploying using Docker. I hope this helps!

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