Prodigy on AWS

I am looking at Prodigy for my annotation needs and wanted to know if there are any best practices / guides for installing this on AWS.

Hi! You shouldn't have to do anything special to deploy Prodigy on AWS – it's a regular and pretty lightweight Python library that starts a web server, so you can pip install it like any other Python package and run one of the Prodigy commands to start it. Just make sure you open up the port that you're serving Prodigy on, so you can access the annotation app from the outside. If you're using any spaCy models, make sure they're installed as well and that your machine has enough space.

If you prefer working with Docker, you can also use this Dockerfile instead that was contributed by a user: Cloud deploy dockerfile

I'm sorry but could you help me? I'm trying to use prodigy in an aws and pip install doesn't work for me, is there any documentation for this?

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What exactly goes wrong when you're trying to install the wheel with pip install? Maybe the wheel file isn't available on the machine?