Documentation on Deploying Annotation UI to Azure?

Hi, we recently purchased Prodigy and have successfully tested it locally. However we'd like to deploy the annotation interface for NER as a web app through the Azure platform since our end users will be the ones annotating the named entities. Just wondering if there are any existing resources describing this?

I found it easy to use Cloudflare Teams to accomplish the same task, which enables you to add user authentication to a self hosted application. You run your prodigy instance on a VM (e.g. on Azure), setup a Cloudflare Tunnel which tunnels traffic between a domain of your choice and the prodigy instance, and then protect the domain with Cloudflare Teams (e.g. so users have to login with an email before accessing the prodigy webserver). If you have multiple tasks (i.e. different prodigy instances with different ports) then you can use ingress rules. It is free to authenticate up to 50 users.

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regarding the Prodigy license, do I need to uninstall from my local machine in order to re-use the wheel file for a cloud app deployment?

No, your license is per developer, not per machine :slightly_smiling_face: So if it's only you who has access to the software, you can install it on any of your local and cloud machines.

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