Documentation for `prodigy stats` flag is incorrect

Using Prodigy v1.11.11 on a Mac. The online docs for the prodigy stats command state that the --no-format flag can be shortened to -nf, but trying to use that (or running prodigy stats --help) reveals that you actually have to use an all-caps version (-NF) if you want the shortened flag.

Not sure if the error is the docs or the implementation as you seem to allow both capitalised and lowercase flags. In any case, one of those two probably needs fixing :slight_smile:

Great catch, @strickvl!

Yes, I see what you mean. We'll make an update and I'll post back once it's fixed. Thank you!

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We've made a fix (it'll now be -nf, like the documentation states) and it'll be included in our next version update. Thank you!

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