data-to-spacy losing annotations

Although this may classify as another topic entirely, I'm also interested in @kylebigelow 's suggestion.

For my use case, assuming I have entities A, B, C, D and E that are connected by certain tokens, e.g. a comma ,, the conjunctives like and &, what would be the best way to consider all entities part of a certain span group?

At present it seems like hand-rolling a pattern for EntityRuler (for it to match A) and using repetitive sub-patterns of this to match a SpanRuler that would embrace something like A & B of the C involves a lot of redundant work.

To remove the abstraction and use a concrete example in the legal domain, assuming Sec. 1, Sec. 2, and Sec. 3 as part of The Law of Spacy, how would all entities be combined together to form a single long span? Put another way, is there an easier way to connect entities and consider these to be a span separate from being their being short entities?