create-meta fails


After generating a model with ner.batch-train (that works without a hitch), when I try to --create-meta I get the following error:

Server error (404)
Couldn't fetch template files from GitHub.

This was working just a few days ago and I haven’t changed anything in my prodigy setup. The only thing I can think of is that I have installed falcon and falcon_cors on my system - is there some conflict / inconsistency between packages that I am not aware of? I’m using prodigy 0.4.0. Thanks in advance.

OH SHIT, I think I broke spacy package in the alpha version by removing the files from GitHub (spaCy v2.0 stable, which is out now, comes with the hard-coded templates shipped, in order to allow you to package models offline). So sorry about that.

Should be easy to fix by just re-creating the branch and adding the templates. Will do this now!

Edit: Fixed by reuploading the template to the develop branch on the spacy-dev-resources repo. Since the package command fetches the raw files from GitHub, it might take a few minutes before they’re available. Sorry again, I should have thought of this when I tidied up the repo!

No sweat. I was worried that I had somehow accidentally broken my installation, so I’m just relieved it’s not the case. And as always, thanks for the extremely rapid (almost real-time!) response :slight_smile: Cheers.

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