Citation for Prodigy

I’m using Prodigy for an academic paper. Can you give some guidance on how you’d like me to cite it?

Sorry, this has been kind of hidden away on the academic page. We’re currently preparing a short technical report for Prodigy, which will be uploaded to arXiv – so for now, you’ll have to use a forward citation:

    author    = "Montani, Ines and Honnibal, Matthew",
    title     = "Prodigy: A new annotation tool for radically efficient machine teaching",
    journal   = "Artificial Intelligence",
    volume    = "to appear",
    year      = "2018",
    eprint    = "to appear"

Hi Ines,

I am also referring to Prodigy in my thesis. I will have to specify some of the technical details about the software and it would be of great help if I could refer to something that you guys wrote. If this is not available, could you maybe point me at research which most closely resembles the way active learning and uncertainty sampling works in Prodigy?

Thanks in advance!

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I wonder whether there's been any progress on this? I am in a similar situation and it would be great to be able to explain some technical details of prodigy for a paper I'm using it in.

Are there any updates on this? There appears to be a blog post by the name 'Prodigy: A new annotation tool for radically efficient machine teaching' but did not find find anything on arXiv. I too would like to cite Prodigy in a paper.

Can you just cite the Prodigy website and documentation instead?

There's no Prodigy paper at the moment and it just hasn't been a very high priority for us (especially if it's just for the purpose of citation), compared to other things like adding features and improving the documentation.

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I am writing a academic papay using prodigy, and how to cite it?