Choice interface: how to show 2 texts?

I want to textcat news, dataset looks like:
{ text: "headline concatenated with news corpus", headline: "here is a headline", corpus: "here is a long text"}

How can customize the choice interface to show headline and corpus into different html divs and not showing the "text" key ?

Hi! Instead of a "text", you can also provide data with a "html" key to the choice UI. So you can include the full HTML markup there (and call your current "text" key something else so Prodigy doesn't use that one instead).

If you don't want to duplicate the text in your JSON, you could also use a "html_template" in your config, which lets you refer to properties in your JSON as variables: So you could do something like:


This will insert the keys "headline" and "main_text" from your examples. Important note: Just make sure your examples include something like "html": "" so Prodigy knows that you want to render the main content in HTML mode.

Many thanks,
I was attacking the problem in wrong mode.

how can I define 2 html_templates? I need this visual, but I don't found on the support examples how to "move" or customize the behavior of the chooices block.

[choices ] 
<iframe src="{{url}}" ></iframe>


You could do this with multiple blocks, which can each define a "html" template if needed:

So in your case, you would have 3 blocks: a html block for your headline and main text, a choice block for your choices, and another html block for your iframe.