Change color of NER in rel.manual/correct

I'm working with rel.manual/correct with NER and would like to customize the NER color scheme so they stand out a little more, is this possible? I have a custom theme for the labels in the prodigy.json which works with ner.manual/correct but it doesn't seem to work with REL.

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Hi! The relations UI should support overriding the label colours for its relation labels using the same mechanism:

However, the colours here are based on the relation type that's assigned, not the entity type. Entities in the relations interface don't have a distinct colour because the focus is on the relations you assign and the tokens and spans are colour-coded, depending on which relations they're part of. (Colour-coding them by entity type in addition to that wouldn't really work and it'd also get messy very easily.)

Thanks for the reply @ines ! That makes sense, I can understand how confusing that may look with so many colors. If it were possible to customize the entity marker from it always being black and white to something else that stands out a little more that would be awesome. It's not something super important to me, but when I'm doing annotations after a few hours having something that stands out a little more may be helpful.

I love prodigy and it is awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

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