Buffer and memoryview are not contiguous in the same dimension.

I installed the new update 1.5.1. on my windows 10, 64bit system in an anaconda virtual environment.
Installation went fine.
I then set up the de_core_web_sm and added a new dataset by “python -m prodigy dataset ensi_set “ENSI-2017” --author RalfBendzko”.

Then I tried to “python -m prodigy textcat.teach ensi_set de_core_news_sm G:\test.txt” but got:

ValueError: Buffer and memoryview are not contiguous in the same dimension.

How to proceed?

I just tested it and I think I know what the problem is: When you run textcat.teach, you’re not specifying a --label you want to annotate. This seems to throw off the text classifier and causes this error. Prodigy should probably handle this better and warn or raise a more descriptive error if no labels are set. The following should work as expected:

python -m prodigy textcat.teach ensi_set de_core_news_sm G:\test.txt --label SOMETHING

If you haven’t done so already, you probably also want to create some match patterns to help you pre-select examples, especially if you’re training a new category from scratch. (You can find more details on this in your PRODIGY_README.html.)

Thanks a lot for the fast response.

You are right, with the label added everything just worked fine:)

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