Broken Link for Compare Recipe

I would like to do a custom comparison. However, I am not sure how to format the input to the 'compare' recipe. The link here: is broken

What are the input files supposed to look like?

Ah, sorry, will fix that link. You can always find the exact formats and more details in your PRODIGY_README.html in the "Input formats" section. Here's the relevant part for comparison files:

Comparison files

Each entry in a comparison file needs to include an output key containing the annotation example data – for example, the text, a text and an entity span or an image. Optionally, you can also include an input key for the baseline annotation. The id is used to combine the examples from each file. If an ID is only present in one file, the example is skipped.

{"id": 0, "input": {"text": "NLP"}, "output": {"text": "Natural Language Processing"}}
{"id": 1, "input": {"text": "Hund"}, "output": {"text": "dog"}}
{"id": 0, "input": {"text": "NLP"}, "output": {"text": "Neuro-Linguistic Programming"}}
{"id": 1, "input": {"text": "Hund"}, "output": {"text": "hound"}}