Boxes blacked out in textcat.manual

When I annotate each example in multiclass text, when I select a particular box, it's completely blacked out so I can't read the label I selected anymore.

Hi! That's super strange indeed :thinking: Do you have a screenshot? Which browser and operating system are you using? And is there anything else you've customised?

Hi there,

I was using the eighties interface theme, and I tried switching to the default scheme, and the problem resolved.

I'm using chrome on a windows machine.


Ahh, I think this is a bug in the theme then! I think it might set the wrong colour in a place, so the colour used to highlight selected options is black. I'll fix this for the next release :+1:


Quick workaround if you want to keep using the theme: override the bgMeta and colorMeta in your "custom_theme" settings so it's a light background color with a darker text color. The bgMeta is used for the meta info in the bottom right corner, but also reused for the options. For example:

"custom_theme": {"bgMeta": "#f6f6f6", "colorMeta": "#6e6e6e"}