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We have a an automated system that is generating images and bounding boxes for some elements. We're currently getting some false-positive results, so I'm creating a recipe to perform some manual validation of these images. This recipe is setup using view_id = image and I manually pass the span that contains the bounding box. The problem is that the label for the bounding box is positioned at the bottom-right corner, and it is partially cut off. So, is it possible to specify the position of the bounding box label? Maybe top-left?


Not at the moment – but we could add this feature. At the moment, the interface will check where it has the most space and then will use that to decide where to position the label. So I'm surprised it fails in this case. Are you able to share a screenshot of an example?

And you're only ever looking at one "image span" at a time, right? In the meantime, you could then probably work around this by not setting the label on the span but on the top-level task. So instead of this:

{"image": "...", "spans": [{"label": "LABEL", "points": [...]}]}

You could do this:

{"image": "...", "label": "LABEL", "spans": [{"points": [...]}]}

Here's an example

The label for the bounding box is supposed to say HOUSE. Also, I should mention that I'm using prodigy 1.7.1, and I don't have access to a newer version.

I did try setting label on the top-level task and that didn't work. The label did not show up on the interface.

Thanks – I'll look into that! Should be easy to replicate with similar dimensions.

Ah, sorry, my bad: I forgot to mention that you'd also have to change the view_id to classification (which renders a top-level label with either an image, text, etc. – whatever is found in the task).

Thank you

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I'm using --view-id classification which renders the labels outside the top left of the span bounding box – however I'm viewing multiple spans on images and the spans have bounding boxes that are very close together on the image horizontally and the label for one span intersects with the rectangle of another span.

Any suggestions for how to configure the location of the spans? The center/centroid of the span would work well for me but I imagine other locations (left, right) would serve other use cases.