Bounding boxes on semi-structured forms

Dear all, I'm wondering if Prodigy provides or is able to provide an annotation interface that allows bounding boxes to be annotated over form-like text-based documents. I can see there are solutions for bounding boxes over images but I'd like to annotate blocks of characters if possible.

Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

Hi! Can you share some more details on the output that you're interested in here? Would you be looking for the "bounding box" to capture the actual text contained within the bounding box, or are you interested in the pixel coordinates on the given document etc.?

Hi Ines, sorry I missed your reply, which I'm very grateful for, thank you.

Primarily interested in the character co-ordinates (i.e. row/column) of the bounding boxes (e.g. top-left and bottom-right character co-ordinates for each box).

I envisage something like an overlay on the text canvas that allows bounding boxes to be drawn, keeping track of the character co-ords and label for each bounding box.