Audio sample rate


I have some 12 kHz (mono) audio files that don't seem to play in the audio interface.

It works ok for some others that are 96 kHz (mono)

Is there a minimum sample rate? Any simple work-around or do I need to resample my files?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi! That's definitely strange and I don't know of any minimum rate, so I'm not immediately sure what the problem is :thinking: By "don't seem to play", do you mean that you see a blank player with no waveform visualisation? Or does it show up, but playing fails? (And if that's the case, is there an error in your browser's JavaScript console?)

Under the hood, we use wavesurfer.js to power the audio player and typically stick to the defaults here. So if Wavesurfer can play an audio file, it should work in Prodigy's audio UI.