Loading Audio through URLs

I was trying to use the new beta audio interface (as announced here). When I point the audio-server loader at a directory, everything works more or less as expected.

However, when I try to use the JSONL loader, the audio is never displayed. My data.jsonl tasks look like:


which seems to be what the announcement post suggests.

For now I can get by with the displaying the audio through the HTML UI, but it'd be simpler to just use the new audio block.

Hi! Loading via a URL should work exactly like this. Are you using Prodigy v1.9.9? We've made a bunch of changes to the beta audio UI in the meantime for v1.10, including some improvements to the loading etc. I'm pretty sure that should resolve any issues you were experiencing.

If you want to test it, email me and include your order ID, so I can send you the beta wheels? The updated audio UI will be officially released with v1.10 :slightly_smiling_face: