Audio Annotation base64 Error


I am attempting to use the audio.manual recipe, but I am getting the below error. I have seen another post that recommends changing the file line below to rehash=True. but I am still facing that error.

stream = get_stream(source, loader=loader, dedup=True, rehash=True)

Hi, my hunch is that it's a deprecated function that is now incompatible to your Python version. May I know which Python and Prodigy versions you're using?

# Get python version
python --version
# Get prodigy version
prodigy stats

Perhaps you can try upgrading Prodigy? It should use the new encodebytes() API as opposed to encodestring.

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Yes, this is related to an update in the Python builtin and should have been resolved in Prodigy v1.11:

I am still facing an issue, although I am using the most recent version

Are you sure you're using the latest version? In your screenshot, it shows that you're using an early alpha of v1.11, not the stable v1.11.0 or the latest v1.11.7. There is no mention of encodestring in the latest Prodigy codebase so what you're executing as prodigy there must be an older release.